Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sea WeeK

Beach Exploration
It's over there!
Do we have the three shells?
On the Scavenger Hunt ~ See the animal footprints!

"Red Roover send Demetrious over!

How to Play Red Rover 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Salmon Study

Questions and Answers

Fifth Grade students are studying about the life cycle of the Pacific Salmon.

See the Math

The Fish Hatchery Field Trip, lunch, and Salmon Habitat Survey.
Lunch by the River

Lunch at the Gazebo

What's the temperature?
The water is . . .
The temperature is  . . .
Add caption

Salmon begin their journey.

They are wrote, What Do You Know About Salmon . . .
What would you like to know about . . .
They will review their notes later to see if their ideas have changed. 

Dissect a Salmon use link Salmon Dissection

Links can be found at Sea-Week
Watercolor Fish Lesson Watercolor Fish Idea for Salmon Paintings


Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Tea Party

The events in  Boston created more trouble between the colonists and the British Government. The lesson focuses on the tensions that developed between Britain and the colonies as a result of Britain's attempts to tax the colonies.
 Social Studies Textbook
Printable poster and Cartoon Analysis
List the objects or people you see in the cartoon.
Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Read the following cartoon.
We reviewed our study, "Boston Tea Party."  Boston Tea Party Video 6:08

It's Tea Time! We're celebrating since we completed our Boston Tea Party Study.
Which one would your like?
There are three different tea choices.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Storytelling Begins

Akasha is sharing her story plan.
Jeannie's story update
Friends'  story rough draft
On-on-One Writing Conference

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reading Roles

Students are using different roles to share a story, Songs of Hope Instruments of Peace.

Discussion Director: Write three questions about the article to ask your group members. Make sure the answers can be found in the text.
Summarizer: Summarize the article in two or three sentences.

Passage Picker: Find an important passage in the article. On the lines below, retell in your own words what the passage means.

Word Detective: Find four vocabulary words in the article. Then write the definitions. (They don't have to be bold vocabulary words!)

Referred from Scholastic Magazine

Your Green Thumb

It takes two rulers to measure the plant.


Click on the Plant Part you want to know about.   Parts of the Plant
Students started planting today.  They planted bulbs and seeds. Flowers or Carrots. One student shared, "I can grow carrots!"

We watched a time-lapse video of plants growing.

Corn Seeds in Time Lapse

Paper White Bulb BlossomTimelapse 

"Look you have a green thumb," I said. Several students checked out their thumbs. We had a few laughs.