Friday, February 15, 2013

Elizabeth Peratrovich Celebration

In the past, Ms. Scudero and I honored and celebrated Elizabeth Peratrovich Day (February 16th) together. This year, Ms. Scudero and I planned a school-wide celebration! We had behind the scenes people helping like Mrs. Nelson. Each grade did a presentation. 
Our special thanks to all who helped to make our celebration a success.

Food Handlers

 The Program Begins!

Hi, my name is Kaiden. I would like to thank everyone for coming. This is our first school wide Elizabeth Peratrovich Celebraion. The whole 5th grade is going to give a hand. Now some of the school has some programs for you. Now, you can sit back and watch what we have for you.

February 16, The Alaska State House and Senate and Governor Steve Cowper designated February 16th as the first Elizabeth Peratrovich Day in 1988. Ever since third grade my classmates and I studied Elizabeth Peratrovich. Megan

Future Leaders giving speeches

Kindergarten Moiety and Song 

First Grade Song


2nd Grade ANS Sash
3rd Grade Poem

5th Grade Writers

Refreshments are Ready

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