Monday, February 4, 2013

Similes Now Metaphors

A metaphor states that one thing is something else.
Still waters run deep. 
All the world is a stage.
Means the world is acting because they believe everyone is watching.


10-16-12  "As loud as my nephew," shared a student.
I didn't realize that I used these.
"Like a singing bird down a crooked road, " got that off Jim Croce said another student.
A student found the following on-line,"As cool as a cucumber."
"The World is a vampire." a student shared.
"As cute as my little sister", said another student.
 "As cold as ice," I came up with in my head', said a student.
"Loud like a tractor," I just thought of it, shared a student.
"Brave as a wolverine", shared a student.                      
Students are using figurative language in their writing. 
A student used, "I got a chill up my spine as if a ghost crawled up my back."
"Were happy like clams," a student wrote.
Several students used, "I was as scared as a cat."
"I felt like a chill went up my spine," a student shared.
"It sent a chill down my spine like a spider crawling on my back," shared a student.
"I felt frightened like shadows were creeping up behind me," said another.

Just own the night, like the Fourth of July! Katy Perry

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