Monday, January 14, 2013

7.5 Strikes Southeast Alaska and a 7.7 Earthquake hits Canada British Columbia

January 14, 2013 This was surprising to geologists and seismologists who have seen little activity in the area in recent years, much less activity on such a large scale. Aftershocks continue southeast alaska more week after 75-quake


7-5-magnitude earthquake strikes Southeast Alaska on January 5, 2013

 Another Earthquake

‘It shook everything’: Tsunami warning lifted after 7.7-magnitude quake rocks B.C. on October 27, 201. The earthquake was just 164 miles south of Metlakatla, Ak ;Tsunami Warnings Issued

Real-Time Earthquakes

Geophysical Institute 

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Ring of Fire

Tsunami 101

Magnitude-7.7 quake strikes off western Canada
Referred from NWCN
Aftershocks Continue to Hit

7.7 magnitude quake hits Canada's British Columbia Recent Quake. Masset is 163 miles away.   Earthquake-101

There were no significant injuries or damage. This was the largest earthquake for the region since 1949 when a 8.1 earthquake occurred.

50 aftershocks   Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 08:04:10 PM at epicenter

The largest recorded tsunami was a wave 1720 feet tall in Lituya Bay, Alaska
Lituya Bay Today

See the ring of fire?
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said no destructive tsunami was expected from the quake but the West Coast-Alaska Tsunami Warning Center issued a warning for coastal sections of British Columbia and Alaska.

West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center



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